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Pre-order's news

news date 19 Jan - Elf girl - I received a parcel with Toffee, Java, Hot Choco, Dark Choco dolls. Since the seams have not been removed on the parts, processing will take mre time than expected.
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Elf girl pre-order

15 - 30 of June 2020
Basic set

· Sueded unpainted nude doll with head and bust type of your choice

· Basic hands and feet set

· Seams sanded

· One pair of eyes 6 - 7.5mm random color by @darkgreysea

· Packaging materials, box, certificate

· Material: environmental transparent base resin


· Height on flat feet - 37.3cm

· Eye size 6 - 7mm, 2.5 - 2.7mm Iris


· Additional head (different face) - $80

· Additional faceplate (same as chosen in basic face) sleeping or opened eyes - $50

· Additional Bust Part small or big size(basic) - $70

· Additional gestural hands: 4 sets to choose - $35 pair set

· Additional feet pair: heeled, ballet like - $35 pair set

Production time

Dolls will go into production after pre-order period ends. Productions takes about 4-6 months depending on the number of items in the order and factory loading.

Pre-order limits, payments and shipping

· This pre-order limited by 30 dolls.

· Layaway is available. Payment plan up to 5 months. The first payment is $200 + the cost of all selected additional options.

· Payments via PayPal (fee included)

· Shipping + $50 by EMS worldwide

· Prices in USD

Will there be more pre-orders for this girl?

· Yes! Next-one will be at late January - early February.

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