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Spirit Imprint Boy pre-order

1 - 10 of October 2023 
Author's doll by Anna Akchurina
Basic set - 81000 Rub

· Sueded(with faux suede) unpainted nude doll with head and neck-torso part type of your choice

· Basic hands and feet set

· Seams sanded

· One pair of eyes 8mm random color by me

· Packaging materials, box, certificate

· Material: resin 

Casting at Andrei Korchagin's studio, St. Petersburg

Shipping included.


· Height on flat feet - 40.5cm

· Eye size 8mm, 2.5 - 2.8mm Iris


· Additional faceplate (eyes not included) - 8800 Rub

· Additional gestural hands - 3800 Rub pair set

· Additional feet pair  - 3800 Rub pair set

Production time

Dolls will go into production after pre-order period ends. Productions will take about 3-8 months depending on the loading of the casting studio.

Pre-order limits, payments and shipping

Shipping - EMS
Countries where sending parcels from Russia is currently not possible: Australia, Poland, Finland, Ukraine.
Please take this into account when ordering.

· One of possible payments method is payment via by PayPal
If you have problems with payment through this service, be sure to contact the technical support of the service.

· KoronaPay

· Payments plan up for 6 months.

Paypal and fees are included in the price. If you will do payment with KoronaPay the cost will be about 5-8% less(depends on shipping adresse).


Will there be more pre-orders?

· Yes! 

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