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Order cancellation

The doll is made to order, with additional parts and in the color of your choice from the options presented. In this regard, the cancellation of the order with a quick refund is possible only before the transfer of the order for manufacturing to the workshop.


You can refuse the order before the doll being shipped to you, even if the order has been transferred to the workshop for execution. However, a refund for such an order will only come after the other buyer pays for this doll. It may take time.

Peculiar properties of material and workmanship

The following properties are not considered a defect:


1. Due to the difference in color rendering and settings of monitor, as well as the peculiarities of photo processing and lighting during shooting, the color of the product may slightly differ from the photo.


2. On the surface of parts there rarely may be small bubbles in a small amount and in subtle places.


3. Due to the fact that the seams are being removed from the parts there may be more shiny areas.


4. On parts darker than shade #2, there may be small areas of uneven color or color unevenness between the parts with a slight difference in shades. Different batches of products may also slightly differ in shade.


If you find significant defects not listed above, you can apply for an examination within 7 days from the date of receipt. The doll will need to be sent back for quality and authenticity checks. If a defect is found, solutions will be offered on an individual basis: replacement, repair of the doll or its parts, or refund.

Replacement of parts in case of breakage

If the parts of the doll are broken, you can contact me for a solution. The solution will be offered on an individual basis, depending on the time elapsed since the receipt of the doll, the date of manufacture and the degree of damage. Replacement parts may require the return of the damaged part. Replacement fees may apply.

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