Pre-order's news

news date 30 Dec - She is a Dragon  - 2/3 of the dragons arrived! The rest of the dragons and parts in twillight(so far only one has arrived in this color), sapphire and sky colours will arrive in February.
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Height: 32 cm (standing)

Length: 45-47cm (from nose to tip of tail)

Eye size: 10 mm (flat back!)

Basic version includes

· One faceplate with opened eyes at your choice

· Dragon assembled sueded body with new hand parts - slightly longer arm and fingers

· Curled tail part

· Second type of tail part (straight)

· Seams sanding

· 1 pair of eyes 10 mm, random color, flat back

· Packaging materials, box and certificate

Price in USD

· Basic version (opaque color) - $580

· Additional head (opaque color) - $60

· New head + new flowerhorns headback (opaque color) - $80

· New flowerhorns headback (transparent) $40

· Basic version in transparent color - $640

· Additional head in transparent color - $80

· New head + new flowerhorns headback (transparent) - $80

Other important information
· Production time is approximately 60-80 workdays
· Pre-order dolls count is limited
· Shipping cost $50
· Payment method - PayPal
· Layaway with payment plan up to 5 months, first payment must be $200+options cost($300+options cost for the transparent version color), rest by convenient payments.
· options cost can be paid separate from first payment but in first month after order.